Daily Devotion — When Double Standards Challenge Our Faith

3 min readApr 6, 2021

“Differing weights and varying measures — both are detestable to the Lord.” Proverbs 20:10 CSB

Many years ago, I experienced betrayal at the hands of my best friend. It broke my heart and left me wondering if I would ever trust anyone again. I wondered if the bitterness eating away at me would ever give way to forgiveness. Our Scripture today talks about “differing weights and varying measures.” In the days when these words were written, people used stones (weights) and ephahs (measures) to determine cost when buying or selling goods. Often, to increase profit, people found ways to manipulate the system and deceive each other. They used one size stone to determine the weight for buying, but another for selling.

Detestable Double Standards

So, what does this Scripture have to do with God’s command for us to live justly? He tells us this practice of double standards is detestable to Him. Other Bible translations use the word “abomination.” I don’t know about you, but that word grabs my attention and convicts me! Throughout the Bible, we see God does not have double standards. His command for us to first love Him and then love others is universal. His love isn’t dependent upon our race, age, gender, social, or financial class. This concept of differing weights and measures applies to every aspect of life. Sometimes we carry within us hidden iniquities in judgment, expectation, and behavior. Our subtle habits of gaining a little extra for ourselves become so ingrained, we overlook them. How we view the world and others filters through a lens of life circumstances and the world around us, rather than through the Word of God. What do we expect of others? How deep do our judgments run? Or, is it easy to expect far more from another than we ourselves are ready to give? But God does not waver in His opinion of double standards. There is no room for them in His Kingdom.

Peace in Forgiveness

It took me a long time to work through my heartbreak at the hands of my best friend. I had to ask myself some tough questions. Do I expect an apology before I am willing to consider laying down my own bitterness at the feet of Jesus? I came to realize there would be no justice if my actions were fueled by bitterness…


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