The Way We Live Matters

  • The choices we make
  • The way we treat people
  • The way we serve, or don’t serve
  • The words we use
  • The people we chose to love
  • The people we secretly hate

Living a Life of Hypocrisy

And this is what we see happening in the passage from Titus. Paul is rebuking the religious leaders for proclaiming the name of God, but then living oppositional lives. Their words didn’t match up with their lifestyle. “They profess to know God,” They talk about their affiliation, they carry the title of being a follower, “but they deny Him by their works.”This is the very definition of hypocrisy; saying one thing, living something completely different.

Your Life Matters

The choices you make today are important. Your actions will either help give credibility to or take away from Jesus. We are all ambassadors of Christ and our lives will pay tribute to Jesus either positively or negatively.


Father God, help us to live a life that reflects you. May our lives be an example of Jesus, and may we continually be leading people to know and love you more. In Jesus name, amen.




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