What is Spiritual Discipline

Discipline is defined as training expected to produce a particular pattern of behavior. Discipline is not part of the sin nature, but it is a natural element of the Christian life. Without discipline, nothing significant in our lives is ever accomplished.

Types of Spiritual Disciplines

There are two types of spiritual disciplines: those that are personal and those that are corporate. The personal disciplines are those that each individual should develop for him or herself, while the corporate disciplines are those that the entire church body can do together.

  1. Prayer
  2. Fasting
  3. Bible Study
  4. Evangelism
  5. Service
  6. Stewardship
  1. Celebration
  2. Confession
  3. Seeking Guidance
  4. Worship

The Rewards of Spiritual Discipline

The practices of Jesus have been recognized for centuries as the core activities of the spiritual life. In the same way a runner is equipped to compete in a marathon by the discipline of physical training, so training through spiritual disciplines frees us to live each day with the “easy yoke” and “light burden” of which Jesus spoke. (See Matthew 11:30)




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