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If you have issues trusting God, go rock climbing.

I discovered this for myself last month when I took a trip with First Descents, an organization that provides free adventures for cancer survivors. My adventure was set in Estes Park Colorado, a beautiful place just 40 or so minutes outside of Boulder.

I’d chose this trip because I have always wanted to spend some extended time in Colorado and I’ve done a bit of climbing before. I had no idea of the physical and emotional beauty that I would experience while on this trip. Not only are Estes Park and Colorado amazingly beautiful with grand mountains and clear skies (God’s handiwork clearly on display), I also forged some amazing friendships during my short stay in Estes Park, relationships that I am sure will last a lifetime.

I also got a chance to crush some awesome mountains and build trust.

All About Trust

Climbing is all about trust. You have to trust that your equipment works and will hold you. You have to trust that the person who is belaying you has good control of the rope in case you lose your grip and fall, which happens. You also have to trust yourself. You have to trust your footing and that your body has the strength to keep you on the wall so you can reach the top of the mountain. When all these things are in place, and you’re able to trust, you’ll have a beautiful and exciting climbing experience.

I feel the same about our Christian walk. Trust is key to a beautiful relationship with God. When we trust God, our maker, we’re able to enjoy the life He has planned out for us.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

I often have issues with trusting God, and it has been evident in my walk and with climbing. There were numerous times while I was on the rock where I experienced fear or complete loss of what to do to get me to the top. As I leaned back in my harness, exhausted, trying to figure out which route to take or where to place my feet, I listened to the guidance of my belayer as he pointed out where to put my feet or where to place my hands.

If I was too focused on being tired, or being afraid that I would slip on the appointed route, I couldn’t continue climbing and I’d give up. But, when I listened to the belayer and followed his instructions, I could get to the top, despite my fear and exhaustion. In that, there was so much victory.

God’s Vantage Point

I’ve seen this same pattern in my own life. When I focused too much on my circumstances instead of listening to the voice of my Father, I couldn’t do what He was asking of me. I’d forget that God has a vantage point that I don’t; He already knows the path He’s placed before me.

When my lack of trust prevents me from listening, I try my own way and find myself at a loss of what to do. However, when I choose to trust, listen to God, and follow His instruction, the path is easier because I know God is guiding me.

Life is so much easier when you place your trust in God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5–6

God is the ultimate belayer guys. He’s created the equipment, placed the anchors and knows the path to get us to the top. And when we fall, He’ll always catch us. Trust Him and He will help you conquer any mountain placed before you. With Him, you’ll always get to the top. With Him, there is the ultimate victory.

This devotion originally appeared on Devotable written by Alexis Newlin


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