What is Your Worst Fear

I truly wish that I could say that fear is not a factor in my life. I remember years ago, sitting a Bible study full of young moms like myself, when our leader asked us each to think about what our worst fear might be. I could see the other women thinking. With all of our minds occupied with naps and diapers and play dates, fear wasn’t something most of us spent time contemplating on a regular basis.

How to Handle Fear

However, there is a distinct advantage that comes with staring your own mortality in the face at a relatively early age. Losing my dad five years ago resulted in a sudden shift in my perspective on life and faith, and I’m still working out how that has changed me.

Celebrate and Rejoice

Sometime around 609 B.C., the prophet Habakkuk wrote the book known by his name. Habakkuk’s prophecies are unique in that he did not address them to the people of Israel and Judah, but to God on their behalf. In the process of creating this letter to God, Habakkuk learns of the coming Babylonian captivity, and he and God engage in a poetic call and response as God explains His anger at the people’s unfaithfulness to Him, and Habakkuk laments its result in prayer. And then, just a few verses prior to the close of his book, Habakkuk makes a remarkable profession of faith:

Live Like You’re Dying

I want to reflect God’s love for my children, but I get angry and yell at them instead. I want to speak loving truth to a friend living in sin, but I chicken out. Praise God that His love for us isn’t diminished by my weakness, but that instead my weakness, even my fears, allow His love to be perfected (2 Cor. 12:9).




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