4 Key Bible Verses to Help With Grief

The days moved to weeks and my friend’s medical condition worsened. The inevitable phone call came from his wife, “He passed this morning.” Identifying with her because I have lost a husband, my words were, “I’m so sorry.” I knew better than to offer platitudes or ask “If I can do anything…” Instead, I asked where she was. I planned to meet to offer a hug and my presence. Practical help and words of encouragement would come later.


It’s alright, more than alright, to cry. Jesus wept at the news of Lazarus. Jesus is described as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. (Is. 53:3) God wired us to cry. The tears of grief are chemically different from the tears we shed from peeling an onion. They are designed to give us relief and feel better for a moment. He expects we will cry from our hurt and loss. God is aware of our sorrow and tears, and stores our tears in a bottle. Our tears are precious to Him. Don’t hold back your tears.


Perhaps you can’t think straight and only offer a one sentence prayer in your pain. Prayer is not only asking or speaking but sitting and soaking in the presence of God. Pray to receive and hear His words to you.


Trust His plan and heart for you. He loves you with an everlasting love. His personal mercies will meet you at every turn because He is faithful.

Give Grace

What? Give grace when you need grace”. Yes. God gives grace because He promises it and He keeps His promises. But in our times of grief, when we are at our lowest, we will have opportunities to give grace. People will say, “He’s in a better place.” — true, but right now you feel an empty space. “He’d want you to live again.” True, but right now you can barely put one foot in front of the other. It’s tempting to respond with irritation to the ill-suited words from well-meaning people. Give grace because God gives it to us.




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